World’s largest supplier of salmon creates its first salmon brand in Asia: “Supreme Salmon”.

The Marine Harvest Group of Norway is the largest supplier of salmon in the world with a 30% market share. However, Supreme Salmon, its first salmon brand in Asia, faced a stereotypical idea in Asia that salmon was synonymous with sashimi or Japanese cuisine. This stereotype was an obstacle for the brand to enter the Asian fresh fish market. Marine Harvest sought help from consulting groups for branding strategy and brand design services in Asia.


  • Market ResearchCase Study/Big Data/Analysis
  • BrandingAssessment & Audit/Core Value/Brand Position/Brand Strategy/Big Idea
  • Branding DesignCorporate Identity System/Visual System/Applications/Space Identity/Product Packaging/Publication

Supreme Salmon


Supreme Salmon


Market Research


Branding Design


Marine Harvest invited seven branding companies around the globe to compete for this service, from which they chose Ming Island and its branding strategy, “the leaping salmon”. We started out from the Greater China markets to conduct market analysis, formulate branding strategy, and set up market positioning. Through thorough strategic planning, we created a healthy, yet trendy value and brand image for Supreme Salmon. We took a Norwegian brand and made it local to successfully capture the target groups of young mothers and professional women. Now salmon is no longer synonymous with Japanese cuisine, and Supreme Salmon has become a best choice for easy, delicious family cooking and offers many menu possibilities.



We made the lively lines of a vigorous, leaping salmon to resemble a perfect smile. We used visual art to successfully bring out the core values of the brand and create a brand identity that conjures up a feeling of freshness. We intend for each consumer to smile knowingly when they see the logo and to purchase Supreme Salmon safe in the knowledge that they are making a smart, healthy choice for their young family. 


It was in Taiwan where the company opened its first Asian location, 2013. It now runs a six-restaurant chain in Taiwan. Many upscale supermarkets feature sales counters dedicated to fresh Supreme Salmon products. From a strong position in Taiwan, Supreme Salmon is well-positioned to enter the Mainland Chinese market and further afield to bring ocean freshness to dining tables all over Asia.

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