Mason Tsai was born in Taipei, but grew up in Hong Kong, Singapore, England, and the U.S. He crafts unique pieces of jewellery from jadeite. Among the lights and shadows of his metals and stones, he was able to uncover a dream which belongs to him and to the observer; carefree, leisurely, and intoxicatingly exquisite.


Mason Tsai



Web Design


Mason needed to showcase his art in an elegant and simple way, accessible by everyone. As a star shining in the sky, we chose a dark theme, with his gems standing out from the darkness. Black is also the color of elegance and class, as well as mystery : a perfect combination for Mason’s art.

Search engine optimisation

Our job was to create online ‘noise’ so that if you search for Mason in Google or Baidu, you’ll find many articles talking about him. The process took about 4 months, and there is now a full page of results talking about Mason on both of those major search engines

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