Kymco is the largest scooter manufacturer in Taiwan and the fifth largest in the world, a recognised brand with production facilities all around Asia. They also produce all-terrain vehicles and motorcycles.

We were hired to redesign their Global Website. The goal of the site is to showcase their brand and products, and feed into their many country-specific websites.

We were chosen for this project because of our ability to communicate with an international audience and because we were able to complete it on a tight deadline of two months from start to finish.




Web Design


We tried to use a modern, Western style with large blocks of colour and appropriate use of spacing.

Subtle use of a tyre tread with CSS styling in the background gives an implied feeling of speed to the user.


Where as the country-specific sites are geared towards products and sales, our objective with the Global Website was to raise the profile of Kymco as an international brand.

We therefore put the brand at the heart of the design and user flow, ensuring that users had the maximum number of touch-points with the core messaging.


After we completed the main Kymco website redesign, Kymco then hired us to design an additional website for their exciting new electric scooter; iONEX.

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