Caware Filtering Corporation is a Medium-sized company based in Kaohsiung. They develop and manufacture cartridges for a large range of water-filters, reducing particles, hazardous chemicals, bacterias and heavy metals to make our water drinkable.

We worked with Caware to improve their brand and digital presence so that they could engage with larger clients and raise their profile from a manufacturer to a trusted partner.  




Web Design, Branding


Our sister company, Ming Island, helped Caware to redefine its core value and external messaging.

From there Ming Island developed a new logo and CIS which highlighted Caware’s dedication to providing clean healthy water.


As an OEM and ODM manufacturer, Caware has a LOT of products.

The challenge for us was to categorize these products so that they are clear to customers and easily navigable. We attempted to reduce the number of steps that a user has to take from the homepage, to their desired product specification. 


As any B2B company knows, giving clients a feeling of dependability is key to winning new business. We gave the website a solid, professional look and feel while staying true to the brand identity developed by Ming Island.

Of course the website is fully responsive and ready to work on any modern browser.

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