Once considered as the top hotel in the country, Landis had been under threat from large international brands entering the market and wanted to reestablish themselves as one of Taipei’s most iconic hotels.

This project was as much internal as it was external. We needed to help rediscover what made Landis special and plan how to communicate this message effectively so that staff can believe in it, and guests can appreciate it.  


Landis Hotel


Landis Hotel

Web Design, Branding


After a detailed process of staff surveys and brand analysis, we honed in on the core value of ‘Above and Beyond’. This refers to the level of care and attention which is bestowed on guests. Returning to the Landis should be like returning home; people greet you by name and remember how you like the little details.

To communicate this with the outside world we used a classic, sophisticated yet simple design to create an entirely new logo and visual identity.

Web Design
The website needed to balance visual appeal with some fairly complex room booking procedures. We fused modern, responsive technology with classic design elements to produce a website which is both elegant and efficient.

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