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Ego is the largest car rental company in Taiwan, with many years of experience and unparalleled resources. However, with industry disrupting firms such as Uber emerging into the market, Ego faced a new and increasing challenge.

We helped to identify that there are no rental services on the market which provide a driver with the vehicle. We then worked with Ego to build a new brand, ‘Driways’. The USP is that the driver is always with you, and the target audience is local and foreign professionals.





Branding, Web Design

As most car rental firms use second-hand and old cars, Driways positioned themselves as a market leader in the condition and quality of their vehicles, with stringent criteria and regular maintenance in order to provide a safe and enjoyable ride for travelers.

Their drivers are trained to do more than just sit behind the wheel, they can provide travel advice and take care of customer’s safety at all times. Their professional and high quality service enabled Driways to lead the market and successfully become the new standard of the car rental field.

Web Design
The Driways website is a huge complex system. It connects to APIs from various airlines and banks, making the website able to deal with all kinds of conditions.

The website is focused on bringing efficiency, we removed any unnecessary steps and designed the front-end with big blocks and clear contents so that users can organize their transportation as easily as possible.

The site has been a great success, not only in terms of its ability to help travellers to quickly and easily find an ideal ride, but also in how it helps Driways to efficiently operate and manage their business from the back-end.

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