Alibaba, the leading e-commerce platform in Greater China, partnered with us and Taoxin Culture to create a new technology-based souvenir shop named City Retold.


  • Chinese Market ResearchCase Study/Big Data/Analysis
  • Chinese BrandingNaming/Assessment & Audit/Core Value/Brand Position/Brand Strategy/Big Idea 
  • Branding DesignCorporate Identity System/Visual System/Space Identity/Display/Packaging Design/Print
City Retold


Market Research
Chinese Branding
Branding Design

City Retold: A brand-new brand born in a new first-tier Chinese city

Located in Hangzhou, the heart of China’s e-commercial center, City Retold and its creative new services successfully convert the spending potential of 50 million yearly shoppers into sales in the retail shop.

Chinese Market Research

Taoxin Culture and Alibaba Group tasked Ming Island to help them build the new brand from scratch. We analyzed big data to get a firm grasp of the consumption attitude and preferences of Hangzhou shoppers. The result of the analysis guided our market positioning and shaped our operational strategies.

Chinese Branding & Design

Ming Island participated in all stages of building up the City Retold brand, established its core values and market positioning, and crafted the creative energy and aesthetic of the brand. The 330-square-meter store, showcasing nearly a thousand different products, is where souvenir, dining, art, handicraft, fashion, culture, and technology all roll into one novel on- and off-line retail experience. City Retold is at once catapulted over many long-entrenched venerable shops in the Xihu business district, where competition is red hot, to become a must-go shopping mecca for locals and tourists alike. From its launch in Hangzhou, City Retold will enter other large cities in China and around the world to make this new landmark brand a major player on the international stage.

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