ICHA leads tea culture in Shanghai, China

Engrained in the Chinese culture, spirit, and aesthetic, tea permeates the everyday lives of the people in Mainland China, where big-name tea brands and tea shops abound. To create a new tea brand in the first-tier city of Shanghai, where consumer power is huge and their taste most discriminating, ICHA faced a monumental challenge to establish brand recognition and win over consumers.


  • Chinese Market ResearchCase Study/Big Data/Analysis
  • Chinese BrandingAssessment & Audit/Core Value/Brand Position/Brand Strategy/Big Idea
  • Marketing strategyChinese Online PR/Grand Opening Press Conference/WeChat Official Account
  • Branding DesignCorporate Identity System/Visual System/Space Identity/Applications/Product Packaging



Market Research

Chinese Branding

Marketing strategy

Branding Design

Chinese Market Research & Branding

Ming Island assisted the ICHA management team every step of the way to establish the new brand. We studied the tea market, competition, and case studies in China. We analyzed brands, and established the core values and market positioning for ICHA. ICHA combines the essence of traditional Chinese tea culture with Western arts and what is trendy—adding the old to the new—to create an exquisite tea. When you drink tea at ICHA, you are also sipping in the high taste of a trendy metropolis and a delicate and elegant culture.

Branding Design 

Feng and huang are legendary symbols of good luck in China. They add beauty and fortune to ICHA’s branding design. Visually, the design boldly breaks tea’s stereotypical image of tranquility and purity and shows life’s many other possibilities. We put together a full set of storefront, packaging, website, and branding designs to ensure that consumers receive quality, consistent messaging from start to finish.

Marketing strategy

After the brand design stage was completed, we helped them formulate their marketing strategy. From the press conference at the opening ceremony, to Chinese Online PR, to establishing the WeChat official account, we did lots of things both on- and off-line to promote the brand.


It has become the top brand in the upscale tea market in China. ICHA’s new look has served them well. They are expanding quickly, and their brand is now well recognized across China. They are planning for an IPO in 2018. 

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